Does anyone know a website that gives you tutorials on how to code robots in C++? Thanks in advance.

V5 - https://help.vex.com

VCS - https://www.vexrobotics.com/vexedr/products/programming. (download VCS for Windows and MAC)

STEMlabs - https://education.vex.com/eduvex/edr/stem-labs/

and examples in VCS and these forums.

Thank you

Great place to start would be here



so should I download VCS or PROS?

My recommendation - if you are a fearless coder and familiar with coding systems and installations - go PROS… If you are a little unsure - use VCS… That said, download both and see which you are more comfortable with - neither should destroy the ability to transition from one or the the other.

and don’t forget RobotMesh has its own development system to consider as well.

ok, thanks

Seconded. Our kids haven’t tried PROS, but they prefer RobotMesh Studio over VCS at this point. Considering Python over C++ as well - especially for the Middle Schoolers.

For future threads, please title it something more specific than just “C++”. For example, “Learning C++ Programming” or “How to learn C++ Programming?” are much more specific and will allow users searching for similar topics later to find help more easily.

ok, thanks for the advice