Cabling Tips and Tricks

Something most of you probably agree with is that cabling is a nightmare. With this in mind, does anyone have any tips or tricks as to how to cable wires, organize, or even hide them?

I’ll start it off:
Tip: I always try to tie the cables with tight wraps at the corners of a C-bar to hide it and get it out of the way.

I’ve attached a few images of some things we’ve done regarding wiring. A couple things I’ve learned:

  • Mount all motor controllers in one or two easy to access locations close to the cortex.
  • Use some variety of cable wrap (I don’t like split-loom, we use this instead: .)
  • Run your cable sleeve inside of C-channel then use velcro wraps to hold the cable sleeve to the c-channel.
  • Use the sticky-backed foam that vex has and stick it on either of the VEXnet port (if using extension cable.) This will prevent disconnection due to vibration.
  • When routing cables to moving parts, leave plenty of slack for the entire articulation. Also, use rubberbands to “pull” cable sleeve in the direction you want when a part is moving (to prevent entanglement.)
  • Don’t rely on the cortex “clips”, implement strain relief.

I’m sure I have more tips I could share, but I’ll leave this hear to start.

I’ll just leave this here.

While it certainly doesn’t LOOK particularly pretty, I’m preferential to braiding my wires going to or coming from similar mechanisms.

Curl your wires around a screwdriver or axle or something @6916C