CAD of Spin Up Disc

Hi I was wondering if anyone had a link to a CAD of a disc I use a software called onshape to CAD and I needed one to be able to CAD the subsystems as accurate as possible. I tried going on but it just downloaded a zip file and I couldn’t open it.

Spin up, or Slapshot? You’ve set the topics as IQ-related, but Spin Up is VRC.

Also, did you unzip the downloaded zip file to get the CAD files out?

Hi I meant Spin up . When I unzipped the file it only brought up to 2 Microsoft word documents and when I clicked on them is was just a bunch of code.

Sounds like that is supposed to be the file but for some reason its registering as a word doc. Try right clicking on the document, then selecting open with, then select onshape or a software that can display 3d models. If that doesnt work, send some screenshots to help me figure out your problem.

Another thing to try: on file explorer, on the top of the window, click view, then check the file name extensions box. Go to your word document that is supposed to be 3d model, click rename, change the .docx extension to .STEP (which is the primary format vex uses for 3d models I believe, or at least it is the file type I get when I download the field cad) hopefully either of those will fix your problem.

Also one more thing: as far as I am aware: the only cad of field elements on the vex website is of the entire field, I had to manually find a disk then copy it into a new cad file on fusion for mine.

Thanks, that solved the issue.