Cage Leek

Hey everyone!
So I’ve spent my time since states building a cage bot for worlds. Unfortunately due to events out of my control, I can’t compete at lrt worlds. Here’s a video of my cage in action

I’ve decided to redo my snail since we are doing skills instead, but I am keeping the cage itself intact. I’ll probably show clearer photos of the cage itself and how it works after worlds, but feel free to ask any questions you have (I may not answer some of them depending on whether or not that part’s a secret)


Looks like those balls touch the tiles

I can assure you they do not

Were you able to get it to deploy and stay in size or is this just a theoretical design? Anyways it’s super cool


I never made much progress with the deploy, but it was in size. I would have gotten the deploy down if I had finished it


great execution on the cage strategy! how many balls could it hold at most?

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27, 28 if they really try


As far as I know 28 is impossible, but we can get 27


Great job! A little more time and I think you would have been able to get it match-ready. Have any close-ups of the construction?

How can you stand working with that annoying guy shooting rubber bands? :frowning:

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I’m not going to release any pictures at the moment, but I will release some once worlds is basically over

You stop them from stealing your rubber bands so they don’t have any rubber bands to shoot

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Is this bot cadded? If not, do you plan on cadding it or releasing enough photos for someone else to make an accurate cad?

Well I started with a cad, but it was too big to fit in size, so I took it home that weekend and rebuilt the cage. I’m going to take lots of photos so people can see exactly how it works.


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