California State Championships

I know that it has already been stated that the 32 spots for California will be equally distributed between the Northern and Southern California Championships. What I was wondering is how the 16 spots will be allocated in the tournament itself. So, basically what do you have to do to qualify for worlds at the California state championships?

Also will we see the return of 3 team alliances during alliance selection? I ask this because for most of the season we have been restricted to only 2 teams per alliance in the elimination rounds.

I believe that the Tournament Champions, Tournament Finalists, Tournament Semifinalists, Excellence, Robot Skills, Drivers Skills, and Design Award qualify for Worlds. There will almost definitely be 3 team alliances at States. I can’t stand 2 team alliances.

Teams will be invited to the VEX World Championship based upon the criteria listed on the Event Document pages on the REC Foundation website. There is a document listing the World Championship Qualifying Criteria for each robotics program and a list of qualifying spots by state and province.

Thank you very much for the quick response!!!:smiley:

You are welcome.