Can a Vex 0.5 Microcontroller be programmed remotely?

I would like to be able to program a Vex 0.5 Microcontroller using a wireless modem or Bluetooth module. Has anyone been able to connect it to an orange programming cable and have it work?

VEX sells wireless programming modules specifically for that purpose.

Thank you MarshalTheAI!!!

To be clear to get that to work with a PIC wirelessly your gonna need some more equipment


This vexnet backpack that is certainly difficult to get your hands on.

Vexnet keys (probably 1.0 keys)


I wanted to just use the orange cables…

Thanks for pointing that out tabor473!

You do have a few more options depending on what you want to do. If you had a computer with Bluetooth per robot you could make a single simple program on the pic that always powers the motors at whatever value it gets over Bluetooth.

Then the actual new program you write and modify every time would be on the computer. ( in whatever language you want, c++ c python java matlab)

Each pic would need one of these which are 5-10$ depending on where you go and you wouldn’t need a joystick or a cable per robot.±+Test+%26+Measurement-_-9SIAAZM4D78003&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6NjNBRDKARIsAFn3NMpo1hFmwugHyD9xoH-BnzFL2WzInyxP6aZ480Hcd7jpECk93Iv1fisaAtYQEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

The PIC program would be relatively simple to write and could also relay all the sensor values to the computer if you wanted. If you wanted to go that route, I have one of the bluetooth chips and could borrow a pic and help write the basic code.

Yes, I will have to look into using Bluetooth. Right now I am using the serial ports. One problem that I have is not being able to read the serial port using Easy C Pro. The printf instruction works fine but getc or getch or getchar does not seem to work.

For your use case would running your code on a computer and just sending commands over Bluetooth work? Will there always be a computer nearby?

Not always, I am using the serial port to communicate with a Raspberry Pi 3 so that it can run autonomously.

I mean in that use case, you could just offload the work to the Raspi and just let the cortex act as a controller board (for your motor outputs and sensor inputs). I have had better success with this venture in RobotC and PROS (though not on a PIC). But your issues might be a question for EasyC support.

You also have bluetooth on the Raspi - so changes could be made from a laptop (w/bluetooth) and the code run autonomously from the Raspi with a webserver running to keep you in the loop on your robots progress.

I assume it would be possible to use the Raspi and the program port on the cortex in order to push periodic code updates to the cortex - assuming you could parse the communications and reverse engineer the required commands and interface.

Some further reading:

O the PI makes it even easier. Ya just move the code writing to the PI and write a 1 off driver for the pic. You can wirelessly change the code running on the PI.

I ran this project off a pi

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