Can multiple people work on the Engineering Notebook?

Can multiple people from my team work on the Engineering Notebook or is that not allowed?

Thanks and sorry if it’s a stupid question!

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Yes, I’m fact I would highly encourage it. This allows everyone to be involved in the documenting process, which will help y’all during judging. Having people on other subteams (programming, building, etc.) working on it will help y’all improve the quality of documentation as well.

Also, the game manual does not have any stipulations for notebooking, bedsides that your team must be student centered. I would consult the Judges Guide for more information regarding judging and for creating/maintaining an engineering notebook.


Another good resources is to look at

You will find good advice on notebooks:

VEX announced at the EP Summit that they will be releasing VRC and VIQC digital notebook templates that should help all teams be more expressive and collaborative.


The more people working on the notebook, the better!

Shameless self-plug, but the notebook article on the BLRS wiki was also just updated, if you’re looking for more resources