Can not see projects created from desktop version in Teacher portal

When students create a project in the desktop version of RobotMesh, then I can’t see their work from the teacher portal. They are logged into the desktop using the same classroom ID they use for the browser version. They can see their projects from a browser when they are logged in as themselves, but the projects do not appear in the teacher’s view.

There also may be an issue with projects that are created in the browser, and then downloaded to the desktop. This has only happened with one student, but that probably means no one else is keeping local copies.

Is there anything we should be doing to prevent this from happening?

I was unable to reproduce this behavior with a freshly created student account. Are you able to see any of their projects?

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Yes. I can see most of their projects, but not all. This is happening in an uncontrolled environment, so it’s hard to be sure. The problem (not seeing student projects from the teacher’s portal) correlates with the use of the desktop client.

Some of the kids had an installation issue with the browser plugin. Those students needed to go back to IT for a re-install, but some just used the desktop instead. I have noticed the issue with those students. Another student used the browser to create many projects, and everything was working fine. Then she switched to the desktop temporarily for a competition, and now I cannot see all of her projects.

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