Can pneumatic components for VRC be painted?

Hello! Today my team and I are painting parts for our robot and we had a question about whether we can paint the single-action and double-action pistons. I would be grateful if you could help us resolve the question.

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If your question is are you allowed, then yes, it is legal.
If your question is will it work or is it a good idea, that I can’t say. Make sure you don’t paint the actual piston rod as that would interfere with the actuator. Also don’t get paint inside any of the ports or electrical connectors. Painting the outside of the actuator cylinder should not interfere with performance.


Since these are non-repairable air cylinders, they are welded shut and there is no way to get to the pistons inside the air cylinder to paint them. But as nnolte pointed out from the game manual, you can paint the pneumatic cylinder housings. Be sure to clean them with acetone, and perhaps even scuff sand with 600 grit paper prior to painting.


Thank you very much for the help, we will take all that into account!

be careful not to get any paint on the piston rod itself (or whatever the proper terminology is) because it could gunk up the slider and be bad for the cylinders.


Could acetone attack the seals?
EDIT: Could someone read the manual? The answer is yes, Andrew-GOATS could. vvv

Probably, I wouldn’t go soaking the cylinders in it! But just wiping the surface to be painted clean with acetone shouldn’t be a problem.

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You’ll be familiar with how liberally enthusiastic students apply advice they think they’ve heard :).
EDIT nope, don’t do it. Someone read the manual vvv

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R21 makes it pretty clear you can not modify pneumatic components in any way. A problem with painting the part is if the part starts to develop stress marks or something like that, you would not be able to tell cause you covered the surface in paint.

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Fortunately there are enough of us here that someone will eventually do what you’re supposed to do first: read the manual. Good show.

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