Can someone help me for some motor control problems in robotmesh?

Hi, everyone,
I’m using RobotMesh for programming because it’s blockly programming is friendly to middle schools. However, I wonder how to use RobotMesh modkit to control the motors’ voltage directly or bypass the internal PID for motor velocity. I can set the motor’s voltage in vexcode or VCS by adding a method for motor class, but I can’t write code for RobotMesh modkit, does anyone has any idea?
Thank you!

At the moment, you don’t. It is not a block we have provided. Blockly is targeted at beginners, and we made the decision to omit a voltage control block to avoid clutter by block overproliferation for a feature that most beginners won’t have a use for. Luckily, if you find the limits we’ve imposed in Blockly to be too limiting, you can change your project type to Python while copying it (options gear at top right) and have access to our entire API instead of just the subset that we’ve made available in Blockly. In our Python implementation, the method to spin a motor with a voltage command instead of a velocity command is spin_with_voltage.


Thank you very much!!