can the robot be turned sideways at start position during an auto program challenge?

we were wondering…can we turn the robot sideways while it’s in start position during the auto program challenge?

If it still fits withing the bounds of the starting spot, yes. If it does not fit you cannot.

thank you! it does fit.

Is it a vertical plane? i.e. Our bot is 12L x 19W x 13H." The wheels are well within the black rectangle when turned sideways to face the fence, however the claw hang over the black line but not on the floor. Is that legal or no? I know your arm can not extend past 20" when extending regardless if it is under 20" on the start.

You robot has to be completely within the starting position, not just the wheels. One of my teams starts this way sometimes. They have to start with their claw up to be within the starting position, but they are small enough that they are also still within the robot size restrictions.

ok. Thanks

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That’s unique.