Can VEX via give push notifications to teams when they have a match

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There is a system known as “VEX TEXT” that integrates with Tournament Manager to send match reminder text messages to selected team contacts. VEX TEXT is used at Worlds and probably other large events too. VEX TEXT requires EP opt-in and setup to operate, though.

No such feature is built-in to VEX Via.

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What’s an EP opt-in

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That’s incorrect. On iOS you can subscribe to upcoming match notices for a team, and on Android you will get upcoming match notices for any team you are registered to receive push notification for. It does however still require the EP to enable text messaging though which unfortunately most do not.

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I did not know this. Is it documented somewhere?

And does this require anything else from the EP besides simply enabling text messages in TM?

Vex text isn’t a requirement at events so I just set like5 alarms (one before each qual) and the how many ever more for elims

No, but then again in ~12 years of smartphone usage I can’t recall a single time where I’ve seen or read documentation for a mobile app. On iOS it’s fairly obvious what it is due to the UI I think, though Android is more vague (it just shows an “alert” icon without really clarifying what kind of alerts may come).


Our goal eventually would be to eliminate VEX TEXT entirely and instead replace it with more robust functionality in VEX via. Managing phone number registration is a huge hassle and likely the reason that not many EPs use it. As part of the change I’d like to eliminate the need for EPs to “turn on” VEX TEXT in TM. Moving that to the server though requires us to trust the match schedules uploaded by EPs, and some of them improperly upload “test” match schedules which would then trigger upcoming match alerts. That’s probably something that needs to be addressed via better education.


I primarily had the Tournament Manager user guide in mind when I asked this question, since it mentions VEX Via features. I’m not expecting a manual for VEX Via, but you should update the UI on Android to be more ambiguous.

I historically haven’t bothered with VEX TEXT since it’s such an unnecessary hassle for small events, but I would have enabled text messages in TM if I knew VEX Via would send these notifications.