Can you compete with a bot while building another one at home?

We are building a new robot while keeping our old one intact, and we have a competition coming up soon. We are wondering whether it is allowed to bring our old bot to the comp while another bot is still under construction (at home). We are aware of rule R1 but we are wondering whether it means building a bot at all, or just during a comp.

this is completely legal, you just can’t compete with 2 different robots at the same competition.


@Xenon27 is correct
You can even go as far as to have 2 robots and bring different robots to different comps.

Alright neat, thanks. If the refs get us in trouble I’ll just tell them Xenon27 told me I could

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last year we even brought a 2nd bot to the comp just to show it off, perfectly legal


I’m pretty sure you can have them at the same if something pretty major happens and you use the same brain. The main factor that I’ve seen is reinspection before any large modification. Is it 100% legal, no

Via the manual:

„To help determine if a Robot is a “separate Robot” or not, use the Subsystem definitions found in . Above that, use common sense as referenced in . If you can place two Robots on a table next to each other, and they look like two separate legal/complete Robots (i.e. each have the 3 Subsystems defined by ), then they are two Robots. Trying to decide if changing a screw, a wheel, or a
microcontroller constitutes a separate Robot is missing the intent and spirit of this rule.“

It seems more open to interpretation. I would er on the side of caution and say that you probably shouldn’t (In the case of a competition). But you can have 2 robots in the process of being built at once, just don’t bring both at the some time to a competition.