Can you do virtual scrimmages?

I’m am little fed up with Utah rn as it seems that every team I practice with can only get a single stack in a whole minute. Is there any way I can do a virtual scrimmage with someone? If so, how?

High tides lift all boats. Help them build a Ferris Wheel.


Wdym?? Im so confused lol

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No one has helped me yet.

I mean @SCFarrell that was so freaking cryptic

He means help the other teams.


Yes, help others. 839 is a prime example of being a top team that is also willing to create content to help the entire community.

For this thread specifically, help them build the Ferris Wheel design that Kajunii has alluded to many times.


Yes, you can go to and scrimmage with teams around the world. Uses the same Live Remote Tournament system that is being used for events and the upcoming Virtual Vex Worlds.


thank you @Jobe that helps a lot

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