Carbon fiber parts

carbon fiber has a very high strength to weight ratio, meaning that for another material of the same weight, it is likely to be much stronger. i think it would be very usful in Vex robotics

Titanum would be nice too… The question would be which is less expensive…

um yeah, carbon fiber is nice, if you have like thousands of dollars laying around…

I’m pretty sure CF would be prohibitively expensive to produce. It’s not done like metals are. IIRC, it is made like fiberglass, sorta spun on like thread, or maybe sheets. It’s VERY expensive, and would be hard to make Vex out of.

u could just buy ur own screws

What do you mean? The screws aren’t what’s expensive, it would be making the shapes of the beams and everything.

Theres also the question of whether or not it would even be worth it to have carbon fiber parts.

Good point; are you actually buckling the aluminum? CF couldn’t be much lighter than Al- with such small pieces I don’t think it would matter much.

I’ve personally never had any major rpoblems with week metal. Sometimes it does bend but only when I would expect it too.

I mean that if u want carbon fiber screws u could buy non vex screws

The carbon fiber is for beams. They don’t make CF screws. They wouldn’t work well I don’t think.

I think carbon fiber screws would be too small to actually hold together.(especially with the threads and all.)

u think that it would be 2 small?

Yeah from what I understand of carbon fiber things they are made out of layers of carbon fiber glued together. I think the screws would be too small for that.

u sure that they are layers of carbor fiber?

ya, i think it is to small for screws.
just wish it wasnt so expensive

Yeah from what I understand anything made out of carbon fiber is actually layers of carbon fiber glued together. I could be wrong.

CF isn’t cast, it’s layed down in layers or in threads (not screw threads, think clothing threads). There’s a reason that nobody makes CF screws, they just wouldn’t work. And again, are you actually stripping your screws out?

I don’t think CF is good for wear. High tension and compressive strengths, not so much wear, I don’t think- actually similar to titanium.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t have the wallet capacity to pay for titanium/carbon fiber parts. Although there may be some cheaper/lighter/stronger alternatives…check into the metalurgy programs offered by different promenient colleges/universities. Also, Nucore-Yamato may have come up with something worth using (and yes, i probably butchered the spelling, so don’t try to search it like that, and yes, i know they are a steel company…)

Last time i checked, wasn’t (or isn’t) the world at a carbon-fiber shortage right now? High priced, if you ask me. I get ripped off enough just buying some galvanized steel…