Cascade Lift problem

My team has a problem in which our cascade lift is just a little to tall any suggestions for how to make it fit? Were thinking maybe angling it will work

Don’t angle it if you have to. The best thing you can do is either try to mount it lower, or rebuild so that it’s slightly shorter.


These are really the only things we can offer. If it can’t be mounted any lower, it is too tall, and needs a rebuild to take off the vertical extrusions, making the whole lift shorter.

Angling it, while I do like how you’re thinking, would eliminate the linear movement that makes a cascade lift so useful.

Angling it would probably eliminate the cascade, honestly. Friction and the weight of the cascade when fully extended would probably destroy the lift, by bending the c channels. All, of course, depends on the angle though.

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Step 1. disassemble cascasde lift
Step 2. make a DR4B

all in-joke of course but DR4B’s are easier to build and most of the time more efficient so I would consider it if you can still use the lift in the same way.


Team 99371 Dreadnought used a pin release to get rid of this issue as seen in this video: How our Cascade Lift is Made - YouTube

I guess pointing it out myself is counterproductive, but if enough people keep saying that then cascades will become rare and ‘surprisingly’ competitive :stuck_out_tongue:


Trust me, coming from a team who has made cascades, cascades will not be the meta. They are maintenance heavy, harder to build, and their full linearity is the only benefit . If a cascade makes it to RR at worlds, I’ll eat a DRow for GDC sticker. They aren’t reliable enough imo.


Thanks form the info now my teams out of turning point these are great ideas for Tower Takeover so thank you again

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By the way no we didn’t us the cascade it was to tall so we just cut it out.
…also it was not ready …my team member didn’t do their job …so

so help them do it!
Also this is entirely not possible sometimes but yeah.

wait how are you not helping if your the one doing their job

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