Catapult problem vex iq

Hi Everyone!

Attached is a video I took:

The 1 by 4 get’s stuck into the smaller red gear, and then it will shoot after I spin the motors again. (It will hit the smaller gears spacer and then I will have to spin the motor for it to jump after it gets stuck).
Any thoughts?

We can;t see the pictures,you did not make it public.


Oh, my bad. Forget the link. Could you still answer the question without it?

Without a video I’m not sure what you mean but maybe try adding more space in your system to allow for wiggle room?

could you elaborate?

well if its getting stuck in a gear of sorts then adding space would allow it to slip by faster if you send a video I might be able to help more ,set up private YT video only viewable by link if google drive don’t work.