Catapult Ratchet Mechanism

The teeth in the gear don’t really seem to be worn down at all. Do you know any other common fixes to helping the gears mesh better?

it could be your shaft is bending and you just can’t see it. I’d still try using high strength shafts.
also make sure your bearings are properly set in the holes.

So I kept seeing everywhere that zip ties between the axles could help for a temporary fix, so I put those on until I get my hands on high strength axles. When I put the zip tie on between the catapult gear and the slip gear, it still slipped. This time however, it was between the 60-tooth and the pinion. I put another zip tie in between the pinion axle and and the slip gear, and the skipping went away. I think what was happening was that the pinion and the catapult gear were fighting over the slip gear axle. This is my first time actually making a perpendicular gear layout. Usually, my gearboxes are completely vertical of horizontal. Does anyone know why this happens? my guess is that there are no free spinning gears pushing the slip gear axle from the bottom or the side into the pinion and the catapult gear, as there usually is in a regular gearbox.

well that works but is a pretty bad solution. it creates a lot of friction, and can even bend axles.

It’s only until I get high strength axles, which is sometime on the next few days. I might rebuild the gearbox completely to make it more compact and make it vertical. I think that would eliminate the skipping altogether

that would probably do the trick. if you want me to give you a breakdown of my catapult’s gearbox, pm me so I don’t clutter the public forums.