Caution Tape Classic VIQC to be live in one day!

Caution Tape Classic to be live in one day! 2 VEX Worlds Awards, 40 State/Provincial/National awards received since 2018 from participating teams. Details of awards could be found at

CTRC to Host 1st VEX IQ Remote Skills Tournament - Caution Tape Classic

Bookmark your calendar and watch it live tomorrow at

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I couldn’t catch the tournament, and I can’t watch it anymore because it says:


Is there any other way to access it?

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Something similar happened to me while I was trying to watch Ben Lipper’s tournament.

We will see what we can do later. The whole team was streaming for almost 14 hours, so we are taking a break now.

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Also, I can’t seem to find 839A’s run.

839A’s run is not the highlight today. 839Z broke the world record to become world no. 1 today in elementary division.

Okay, but where can I find 839A’s run?

We will need to figure out what to do with the copyright claim first. May need to trim some videos and repost.


When do you think it will be reposted by?

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Wow. When the #14 team in the world finds 93 points in 1 week, that is pretty remarkable.


Speaking of, is it possible to maybe upload a muted version of the livestream?


New edited video is being uploaded, but it may take several hours for YouTube to process it due to its size. 23195A and 839A’s runs are not included, because YouTube trimmed live video up to 12 hours. We lost the last 1.5 hours video. We will post it once it’s ready.


It’s finally uploaded. Enjoy.

Thank you for uploading this. Is there any chance you could upload the two teams’ runs that are not in this video in a separate video? It’s okay if you can’t but I was just wondering. Thanks!

The video was lost due to YouTube’s 12 hour limit. We don’t even have it.

Okay, I understand if you don’t have it, but I have a question. Your video is only seven hours and fifteen minutes long, so YouTube shouldn’t have chopped off anything for being more than 12 hours. Also, if YouTube has a 12 hour limit, then how do videos like this get uploaded?

Thanks anyway for uploading the tournament!

That’s because I trimmed the initial count down, interim between teams and lunch break. Then reuploaded with edited music background.

In terms of 12 hours limitation, it’s live streaming limit. You can stream longer than that, but once it’s over 12 hours. Anything after 12 hours won’t get archived as video. That’s the problem we had.


OK, thank you for explaining. That makes sense now.