Chances of qualifying to worlds

Just a few quick questions about our world championship chances:

Are we likely to go to worlds this year? We are currently ranked 5th on skills for Maryland, and there are 17 spots to worlds for middle school in Maryland. Assuming we keep it up and get the same score at states. Is it likely that we will qualify for worlds even if we have no hope of being first in Maryland? Can we qualify even if we are terrible at states but our skills score is still high?

Thanks in advance!

It’s important to look at the ‘Awards’ section of that championship event, linked here for convenience for yours.

That section calls out what will qualify to Worlds. Looks like this breakdown:

Top 10 alliances (Teamwork championship winner through 5th place)
Skills winner
Excellence, Design, Innovate, Think, Build, and Amaze judged awards

Now, typically, you’ll end up with multiple-qualifiers there. It’s highly likely that one of the teams that is in the top 5 teamwork alliances is also going to be the robot skills winner, and probably one of the judged awards winner. When that happens, they will start walking down the robot skills list from that event only until they get to teams that have not qualified otherwise.

Your best bet, given the size of the field and the number of qualifiers would be to be in the top 12 skills-wise. Still won’t guarantee, but the math works exceedingly well in your favor for double- and triple-qualifiers above you.


Thank you so much! I am still trying to finish autonomous program lol

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