Change Up Engineering Notebook - show us!

We are over 1/2 way through VRC Worlds. You spent hours on your robot, and we’ve been seeing the results of your work in the matches and skills runs.

But you also worked hours and hours on your engineering note book. Post a link here to your notebook so we all can be in amazement of your team’s documentation skills. Let us know if your are a EL/MS/HS/VEXU team and how you manage it (single author, multiple contributors, paper or electronic (and if electronic how you did it) Thanks for sharing!


I’ll drop this here as well.

I’m in HS, and a one-girl team, so only one author. In previous seasons, I have had 1-4 teammates, and I was the primary author, but everyone contributed, especially on projects they were in charge of. This method worked well for us, as I could made sure the notebook was always up to date, while everyone was still involved. I’ve done the entire EDN on paper, and then I’ve scanned it into a PDF as needed.


That’s a really good notebook. If any new teams are reading this thread looking for an example to get started, this one is amazing.


Here is 5327U’s digital documentation, we are a VRC high school team. All members worked on the documentation, but I did a majority of the documentation. Unlike most competitors, I actually enjoy contributing to documentation! To create the notebook digitally, we used Google Docs and took advantage of neat formatting methods to make a reasonably attractive notebook. Keep in mind this notebook has not been updated since April, though…


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Umm, help me out here. What are you getting an error on?

If I was guessing, it is a humorous comment meant to imply that Taran did not complete a notebook for his season, hence trying to find it online has led to an error.


Oh sorry about that. You see, I had written an advanced AI bot to respond to VEX Forum threads. It must have seen the question and attempted to find my engineering notebook on our team’s storage servers, but seeing as I do not have an engineering notebook it returned with a 404 error. I shall update the bot’s programming accordingly.