Change Up - Season code request

Worlds for the change up season is over.

I watched for many hours yesterday, RECF did a great job to create a virtual event after a difficult year. Congratulations to the winners.

Preserve your amazing autonomous and driver control programming forever !

As I do every year, I would like any teams that think their programing may help future generations to send me the code or (preferably) a link to a git repo I can fork, I will add to a github organization as I have done in previous years. The code can be programmed using any development system, not just VEXcode, as long as I can create a git repo for it (so blocks programs may be difficult to archive). FYI, the names of these old archives actually have nothing to do with what we now call VEXcode, I started setting these up years before we even thought of that.

code from the past five years is here

Nothing but Net -
Starstruck -
In the Zone -
Turning point -
Tower Takeover -


Here is my VEXcode project in a zip file (I’ve never used github so I hope this will work).
10703Z LRS Worlds skills (197.1 KB)


Thanks, that’s all I need, you’re the first one added.


I know I’m a little late, but here is the github repo for my teams code this season: GitHub - kevin23880E/23880E-Skills-Code

I implemented some cool things like custom x-drive motion functions and a display of the field that printed out on the brain’s screen and helped me debug the odometry.


Our team’s code:

PID for X-drive using distance sensors and auto ball sorting using color sensors are pretty cool.


Not too late, there is no deadline for submissions. Thanks for responding.
Next weekend is VexU and AI in person competitions, hopefully some of those teams will share code after the event has finished.


I’m a little late to this party as well but here is all of our code (including some stuff from TT). The 24-inch Change Up Bot, The 15-inch Change Up Bot, The Change Up Skills Bot, The Tower Takeover 15-inch.


I made a thread on this a couple days ago (at the time of this reply), but here is my code from Change Up. The auton and skills are nothing special, just standard Okapi stuff, but it has a graphical configuration menu for driver control and autonomous, as I described in the aforementioned thread and in the README.


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