Change Up - Season code request

Worlds for the change up season is over.

I watched for many hours yesterday, RECF did a great job to create a virtual event after a difficult year. Congratulations to the winners.

Preserve your amazing autonomous and driver control programming forever !

As I do every year, I would like any teams that think their programing may help future generations to send me the code or (preferably) a link to a git repo I can fork, I will add to a github organization as I have done in previous years. The code can be programmed using any development system, not just VEXcode, as long as I can create a git repo for it (so blocks programs may be difficult to archive). FYI, the names of these old archives actually have nothing to do with what we now call VEXcode, I started setting these up years before we even thought of that.

code from the past five years is here

Nothing but Net -
Starstruck -
In the Zone -
Turning point -
Tower Takeover -


Here is my VEXcode project in a zip file (I’ve never used github so I hope this will work).
10703Z LRS Worlds skills (197.1 KB)


Thanks, that’s all I need, you’re the first one added.