Cheaper Option for Nylon Washers

Does anyone know a good source for cheaper nylon washers? We go through a lot of them - and they don’t get “recycled” as they should because they are so small and seem to “disappear.” At 25 for $4.95, it really adds up! Thanks!!

Are you talking about spacers or washers? The washers from Vex come in “teflon” or stainless steel.

Rule R7.c says you can use: “Any commercially available #4, #6, #8, M2, M2.5, M3 or M4 screw up to 2” long, and any commercially available nut and/or washer to fit these screws. "

If you are looking for washers, you could look at a place like McMaster and find lots of different types that fit those screw sizes. For example something like this:

Thanks. This price is much better. Yes, washers. The nylon spacers don’t seem to disappear as much!

Amazon from the Small Parts store has been a good source - especially when you want just one specific size of Nylon spacer. Choose #8 size hole and look at the inner and outer dimensions to stay the same size as the Vex ones.

They list as Prime shipping too, but I have had some not so good luck getting these in a timely manner. So don’t expect 2 days for these. Sometimes it took weeks for the entire order to appear.

They sell real PTFE washers too: also carries nylon spacers and washers, and you’re supporting a fellow VEX team with your purchase.

If you’re in Canada or the US I like to get from robosource, they’re nylon spacers are identical to Vex ones and are significantly cheaper.

My class get all of our supplies from . Whenever we need a part our teacher asks us the id number and then she gets it. They might have nylon washers…