China Worlds Update

A new update pertaining to the situation of the World Championship for Chinese teams was posted to the Chinese VEX Forum. Due to the COVID Pandemic situation and the strict quarantining protocol put in place by the Chinese gov for international travelers, an “Asia-Pacific” Division of VEX Worlds will be hosted in conjunction with the World Championship in Dallas. As of right now, this division is the only “international” division approved to take place. See the photos for more details.


So a small consolation is the winners get to go to the 2023 champs in Dallas.


While I appreciate the effort of RECF and Asia IFI (the organisation overseeing VRC in Asia Pacific) in trying make it possible for aisan teams that couldn’t travel to Dallas, this gesture/plan is pretty futile in essence.

I am quite sure all the countries in Asia Pacific regions would have received this invite/email regarding this Asia-Pacific Division, but the problem is - if we can’t travel out of our own country to Dallas, then obviously we can’t travel to China for this event as well.

And in fact, think the quarantine requirements in China is stricter than in USA, so no chance that we will travel over to China to be quarantined for 7 (or even up to 14) days before the event.

And that’s the reason why Singapore teams have no choice but to pivot over to LRT worlds :frowning:


Does this mean there won’t be any Chinese teams in Dallas?

Not directly from Mainland China in 2022, maybe in 2023. No teams from Singapore in 2022, maybe in 2023. I think there are others.


Definitely not from Mainland China, but perhaps from Taiwan. As for Macau and Honk Kong, I suspect they will follow suit with their Mainland competitors, but we did see some convergence last season with LRT Worlds.


Has it always been this way? Or is this a recent covid-related change?

It has been a COVID related change due to the global pandemic and quarantining measures put in place by the Mainland Chinese Government. The last time China fully competed at Worlds was in 2019 (Turning Point)


One of my friend is going regardless of quarantine restrictions, but from what I see that’s probably about it.

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So does that mean the majority of Taiwanese teams are competing via LRT?

there are a very few exceptions. i do know a few Chinese IQ teams coming to Dallas.

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Indeed. In fact, in my opinion, hosting another worlds in China is logistically even harder for Asia-Pacific teams to travel to. China, as well as most ither Asia-Pacific countries, has a mandatory 14 day quarantine period. For us, we are certainly not going to go to China 2 weeks before worlds and do nothing, spend 3 days competing, then go back and spend another 2 weeks in the hotel doing nothing, effectively missing 5 weeks of school and all our AP exams.

On the other hand, United States has no quarantine requirement. In fact, when I went to America in July 2021, they didn’t even check my COVID test result, and merely looked at my passport. This means that travel times can be greatly shortened. In fact, when we first got information on China worlds a month ago, we believed that it is easier to travel to Dallas and take the risk of getting COVID rather than having to go to China.

The conditions above also doesn’t take into account that the Ministry of Education in some countries banned schools from travelling overseas due to the risk of contracting COVID. Those teams will still not be allowed to travel even though the venue is closer.

Overall, under the context that the entire trip will take at least 3 weeks if teams were even allowed to go, it is simply quite impossible to go to worlds under for us Asia Pacific teams, and therefore LRT will be our only option. (honestly not too bad this year, more variations on bot design and matches have no luck factors like teammates)

The venue is pretty cool though, looks like its held on an artificial island.


Wait so if teams qualify are they allowed to come to Dallas or can they only go to China/LRT?

Most teams in China would agree that competing in-person in their own country would be better than missing a few weeks of school (during peak exam time) to compete internationally or competing virtually in an LRT format. This preference of in-person competitions is why we only saw 1 Mainland Chinese team compete in the online World Championship while the rest of them were able to compete in-person. Its not that they are physically unable to go, its just that measures put in place by their government make it more appealing to compete back at home.


Some pics of the 2021 VEX Robotcs World Championship Asia Pacific Division



More details have been posted to the thread, including a recap of last season’s Asia Pacific Division, and a promotional video for this season’s event venue.

Still no details concerning registration or if the divisional event will be live-streamed. I expect more details to be posted soon.