Clamp Without Pneumatics

This season I have seen that it is popular to put some sort of clamp on the back of the robot to get an extra MoGo (generally to put rings on). Most of these designs use pneumatics. Has anyone been able to build this without pneumatics, and with only one motor?

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Yes, I will get pics as soon as I can, might take an hour or two
(Edit: it took only about 10mins)


Check out my post here, as well as the rest of this thread for some ideas on motorized clamps.


We built one that works very well with no motors or pneumatics. I’ll share on this forum after our state comp next weekend.


That’s fair because we are also going to the upcoming Arizona state comp.


It’s been brought to my attention that I dropped the ball on this (sorry!). It’s a bit late now but here’s a video of it, Static Mobile Goal Lifter, Vex Tipping Point Team 8598A - YouTube

This does appear to be after the state competition “next week”. Thank you for actually following up on this, but in the future, please consider private messages to the people in the chat, given that there aren’t too many, and reopening this thread is a tad annoying. Or possibly, consider opening a new topic. I don’t know what’s best here, but there are some major etiquette sticklers on vex forums :slight_smile: