Clarification of Hotel Cost for Worlds

Hey everyone, my club is in a bit of confusion over whether or not they have to pay for their hotel rooms.
Some people are saying that hotel costs are included in the 1200 registration fee.

Could someone please clarify this for me?


The $1200 dollar fee to register for the world championships only covers the fee to attend the tournament. Any additional fees such as travel, housing, or food are not covered by the RECF foundation and are up to you and your team to figure out. This can be quite costly on top of the already costly registration fee, which can cause many teams to not go to the world championship for this reason.


Adding to Milo’s post

You should remember that the Hotel rates do not include taxes, which can add 35-45 a night to the cost of the room

You should also be prepared on the cost of food inside the venue to be much higher than what you would spend outside. And outside in Downtown Dallas is much more than you would pay at home (in most cases)


Thanks, that was what I was thinking. This should convince them that hotels are separate :slight_smile:

it gets costly really quickly - SO if you are a student - consult your adult representative to assist with figuring out budgeting and what your team can expect from student contribution and what students can do to fundraise…

Life skills for real world.


In our club case, sending one team. If we fly 5/2 and back 5/6 - it could be $500 per person… If we return 5/7 - $300 per person… Now hotels - nothing around convention center, so 4 miles out at least … best rate $150 per person (but taxes - but wait what does TX need for tax exempt… local taxes? meal taxes ? )…

district constraints for out of state travel - who can drive locally, supervise kids, etc…

you can see quickly lots to learn… been doing this season 9… but still head spins…

ok more head spin - team shirts, team dinners, swag to give out…


WAIT still cheaper than first semester in college :frowning:


I mean I would hope a 4 day trip to worlds is cheaper than a 4 month semester of college


Oops - room rental is $150 per room (sorry) - cram 4 middle schoolers in one room - should work :slight_smile:


But do also remember that if you are staying beyond walking distance, then do factor in daily transport cost as well (unless you are doing self-drive).


Absolutely - $600 for van rental if wanting specific passenger transport for competition days.

Airport to to hotel easy…

My guess is to plan your teams needs for the days in Dallas.


Hotel tax exemption only applies to state taxes, you still pay local taxes (county, city, and special districts). Read more here: Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemptions

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