Clarification Of Zones and Scoring
I have gotten multiple sources in order to support my question directly and indirectly. Since there is no rule prohibiting you from dropping a cage onto mobile goals, there is nothing that says you can’t descore mobile goals, as well as it is clarified that you can move opposing mobile goals anywhere as long as it isn’t being lifted, would it be correct to say that you can intentionally score as well as descore mobile goals from the opponents’ 5 point zone? Is it still correct that you can hoard as many opponents mobile goals as long as you aren’t lifting them? Another clarification, are you allowed to block the opponents from placing mobile goals in their zones as long as you are keeping an area open for scoring(But you move along with the robot to defend), as well as if they aren’t touching the starting bar, 10 point zone, or 20 point zone? By the way some of these may have been answered, but I want to see if they are still legal strategies accepted.

Thank you so much for your time!

  • [TVA] Delta III

Yes, this is correct, provided no other rules are violated in the process (namely, SG6).

Yes, as answered in the thread that you linked, this is correct.

As always, it is difficult to provide blanket rulings based off of a snapshot of a hypothetical match. What you have described sounds like normal gameplay, which would be governed by any of the rules referring to robot interactions, such as (but not limited to) G1, G2, G12, SG4, SG5, SG10, SG12, etc.