Claw Errors!

what do you mean also sorry I am new at this

we need to see your code and what claw/mech looks like to see what the problem is

ok thank you very much

We will send a photo if possible, but once we come back to that class. (Im in the same group)

is it possible that the code might be the problem

Yes it could be, if posible it would be better if we could see both the claw and arm itself and the code

how do you show the code like I have said before I am new at this

also we can only send a photo on thursday

You could either paste the text in like this


using this > before your code

or you could just send a screenshot that would work.

I still do not understand

are you using macos or windows? i could guide your through showing us the code if you could tell me that. Also, which coding software are you guys using or is it the default program on the brain?

we do not know because new at this we just started today

What brand of computer are you using. Is the way you control the robot through the “Driver Control” on the brain of the robot or did you download a custom driver control from your computer?

(FYI, I’ve combined 2 similar threads into one)


what do you mean by code? what kind of code?

Are you guys using the button that says “Driver Control” on the Vex IQ brain or are you downloading something onto it?


that is my photo of my robot. can you see it?


I can see this picture. There should not be anything wrong with the robot.

Please answer this question if possible