Clean music for robotics comps

hey our first comp is coming up and i got 2 questions. 1 while competing can u have earbuds in while by the field. also 2 if u can can yal give me some clean music to listen to. i am already ruling out old town road

any genre will do

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I believe you should be more engaged in the comp, but that’s just my opinion.

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well im not driving im just one of the people on the team

And that’s fine, but I mean you did work on the robot, I’m always excited to see how it turns out.

Lol ketchup just don’t listen to music. You’re allowed to put a speaker on your bot and play music, that’s allowed.

but what bout headphones. i gotta listen to music to get in my zone

No headphones. Doesn’t look professional. Just use the speaker


I think that @Euphoriia is right

i guess u really dont know me. i get easily distracted without music so i kinda need it to drown out the yelling of the crowd and stay focused on winning comp. last year our “head person” (not adviser) had earbuds in and it seemed to work for him

Sweet, whatever works for you I guess, but like I said, any country music ever.

can’t use a speaker because it is bluetooth

*can’t play music from your phone to a speaker on the robot

any other suggestions.

I wouldn’t use earbuds during a match. You wouldn’t be able to hear your alliance partner or refs making calls/verbal warnings.

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even having just one in

Use a programmed speaker on the brain. A team at US Open did it last year

cause i mean it clearly helps me so if it helps me why not do it

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I think there is a rule about outside communication. That might be considered that

wait let me explain how i got this idea. when we went to state i saw bout 10 people having earbuds in (by earbuds i mean like cord ones that clearly r hooked up to ur phone) while standing by field and refs didnt seem to care

You can just put your phone on airplane mode and play music so the frequencies don’t interfere with the robots. I suggest either songs that don’t have lyrics like ODESZA or some rock Like the Black Keys

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