Club Website Online Challenge

In the Dell Technologies Robotics Team/Club Website [Online] Challenge, it specifies a team qualifies for Worlds after winning “if the entrant is part of a registered VRC, VEX U or VEX IQ Challenge middle school team”. If I’m reading this correctly, only a middle school team, not high school, if it wins first prize, is automatically entered into VEX Worlds?


I think it means all VRC and VEX U teams but only middle school (not elementary school) VEX IQ teams.

Please post all Online Challenge questions in the correct place on the forum if you need an answer from staff (otherwise we may not see your question): go to Competitions > Online Challenges > Online Challenges Official Q&A at the top.

And to verify, whichever team wins first prize in this challenge from any of the eligible programs receives the invitation to go to Worlds. Eligible teams are current participants in VEX U, middle school and high school teams in VRC, and middle school teams in VIQC. This challenge is not open to elementary school VIQC teams.