Coding inertial sensor/gyro

I need help with programming an inertial sensor/gyro. I am a beginner and picked inertial cuz I heard it is easier. HTML (prefered)or python. Are they good for precision in autonomous?

Does anyone know a good video or forum to get started with programming an inertial sensor? Preferably in HTML but Python would be fine. I am new and need help with what, where and how to code it. I was recommended an inertial instead of a gyro because it would be more complex.
Do you think a beginner can do a gyro. I want to increase the precision of turning in my autonomous. Thanks.

Inertial sensors are typically good to have on the robot, but from context it does not sound like you have anywhere to code setup.
Personally i would recommend installing Vexcode and use that. Vexcode uses C++ and i believe that all the documentation can be found online.
Download link: VEXcode Install V5 - VEX Robotics
Documentation link: VEX Help


There are prebuilt examples of Drivetrains that use the inertial sensor. It’s a good start and you can add complexity as you gain experience.


You won’t be able to program a robot in HTML, as it is fundamentally different then what is needed for a robot. It’s like a blender and an oven, they both have different uses. However, you can use python. VexCode supports python, C++, and block coding. If you are willing to put in the time to learn it, I would recommend C++, but python and block coding are both also good options.

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