Coding Language Options

We are waiting for our V5 things to arrive, but the main issue I’m here to discuss is programing the robot. Our main programmer just left (R.I.P) and I believe I may have to start taking that role. Are there any programing languages you recommend? If so, mind sending me a download link? I’m usually one of the builders so this is pretty new to me. Also with the many languages available for use I’m not sure which to pick for a beginner such as myself. (We also are considering using the vision sensor if that changes anything.)


I can’t readily get you links since I’m posting this from my phone, but, if you’re completely new to programming altogether, I would recommend the ModKit option of VEX Coding Studio or RobotMesh Studio Blockly.

If you’re willing to devote the time and effort to learning C++ (an actual programming language that exists outside of VEX), you could try VEX C++ (part of VEX Coding Studio) or maybe even VEX C++ Pro (also part of VCS) or PROS.

I would recommend RobotMesh Studio Python only if you’re already fluent in Python or just really interested in Python.

I would strongly discourage the use of EasyC.

I’m gonna be totally honest here, I’m a pretty bad programmer and my strongest language by far is robotC. @Barin which of the languages you recommended will be closest to robotC? Thank you!!

I’d try C++ in either Robot Mesh Studio or in VEX Coding Studio. The languages use the same (99%) API calls, but the programming environments are different, giving you a choice of which you think is best. This also means that you could go from one to the other with minimal differences in your code. PROS is also C++, but I do not think it is as accessible to a new(er) programmer.

I second what @Rick TYler said.

I would make the educated guess that both VEX C++ (in VCS) and RMS C++ were designed to be viable options for former RobotC users, and thus their learning curve for RobotC users should be quite manageable.

It should be noted, though, that, as far as I understand, only PROS supports a pure C mode; VCS and RMS both require some understanding of object-oriented concepts and C++. I find this shift quite odd because most RobotC and novice programmers would have an easier time without object-oriented. I still agree, though, that VEX C++ and RMS C++ would be better options for most novice programmers.

I am in search of a link to C++ Pro (I believe that is my choice of a language) so can somebody send me a download link? I am unable to find a single download link so please send me one (Sorry if this makes me look dumb, I am just unable to find a download link).


C++ Pro is one of the programming language options found in VEX Coding Studio. It can be downloaded from this page: