Color Codes V5 Vision Sensor

Is there a guide on how to do color codes for the V5 vision sensor, rather than the traditional object detection you do through the VCS vision utility?

Color codes are just combinations of signatures. So setup signatures using vision utility, then create a color code as, for example, SIG_1, SIG_2 in the color code tab. VCS will send signatures and color codes to the vision sensor when the program runs. Using the vision sensor takes some trial and error and patience, it’s best to have some feedback built into the user program so you can debug what the vision sensor is returning. I had posted a simple example in the V5 beta channel some time ago, I will repost that publicly next week.

Found the thread in the beta channel.

And I managed to get it working. Thanks!

I heard somewhere that there was a way to specify what way the signatures in the code are oriented, but I have not found a way to do this. Like, if I wanted to distinguish two caps that were flipped to either team rather than having them both recognized as red and blue. Is there a way to do this, or did I hear wrong?

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One of the attributes of the VEX vision objects is angle, so you can check the angle of the object with the color code and use that to determine which way it is flipped.

Yes, please post that jpearman. We have just gotten batteries that work, and they and the brain are in high demand which limits my testing. The vision seems poorly documented.

Simple program to display vision sensor signature 1 on the V5 display.

vision_1_VCS_100.vex (6.5 KB)

How do I use PROSV5 to achieve all this?

I am trying to use color codes in the program to create one object with 2 colors. I have been able to achieve this in the setup utility and it creates the new object form the two color codes, showing me the object information. However, when I try to call the color code in the VCS C++ program it does not return an object. Any suggests on how to get the code to read in this information from the sensor?