Coming Soon: VEXcode VR

I don’t know if I missed this somewhere else, but will there be a cost associated with this?


What is your approximate ETA on this? I won’t hold you to it, ha ha! Just that I have to plan online lessons which will start Monday 3/30, so I’m kind of in a holding pattern right now.


Just wondering, I’m sure the developers are working hard to get it out, but any chance of a feature that allow students to export their programs from submission. I was just going to have them screenshot their programs or upload them in a shared folder.

Also, is there any cost to this ?

OP said early April for preview version.

Initially no cost during these difficult times, the long term strategy of VEXcode VR hasn’t been decided upon yet.

You’ll be able to save and load projects from the VEXcode VR interface. No auto-save, since we’re not requiring accounts or cloud services.

April 3rd is our internal target to have a public preview along with activities.


Good point. I think VR here stands for Virtual Robot rather than virtual reality anyway.

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Robot is synonymous to reality for some of us, so it doesn’t matter, lol

Cannot wait to see it released!


Excellent! Looking forward to it :smiley:

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will there be one for V5 too?

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VEXcode VR is not an IQ or V5 simulator. It is its own robot platform with its own features that leverages different features and functionality from all 4 of the VEX platforms (123, GO, IQ, V5).


Will VEXcode VR run on a Chomebook?

Yep. PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iPad…

It works well on my iPhone too… kind of small though.


This will be a great resource for me. Will be a way to monitor student progress through said activities? Or will I have to rely on the students taking screenshots of completed work and uploading to google classroom. I know that is a lot to ask in a short period of time. Just trying to lay out a plan of action. I appreciate the the efforts here.

For planning, I would have kids write a journal entry for each session. This is simplest format without over complicating things.

Students will be able to download their projects and send them to you, but we’re not planning on any user tracking within VEXcode VR itself - the work of setting up user accounts, associations, classes, groups - when there’s great tools out there like Google Classroom that does all of that very well already.


Bit of a sneak peak for everyone… only a week away. We’re still working on adding more features and perfecting the ones we have already.


thanks for the sneak preview! I had an online club meeting today for my MS kids and one of my HS alums presented to them how to hone their programming skills and pretty much relayed everything you had posted here.

thanks for inspiring kids and keeping them connected to robotics while stuck at home!


In the virtual environment, I understand that the robot will be fixed. What sensors will on it and where are they located. Also, can we create an envirnoment that the students must move their robot through (thinking PLTW Aerospace Engineering rover project)? Thank you.

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I am going to have My PLTW students use this. Is there a definitive date for this roll out? Is there a price for it yet?

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