Competition Template Pre auton Help

I need help. I am using Robotmesh C++ with the Competition Template enable. So In pre auton code, I need to tell my V5 Smart Motor to Stop and Hold. So I did that. When I start the code it holds, but when I plug into the Vexnet Competition switch or the Vex field controller, it doesn’t hold. So my question is… Is that supposed to happen? Can you use Motor Commands in the Pre auton?

So the competition switch disables all motor movement including states like hold when in the disabled mode. Initially, this was not the case however the V5 team decided to roll back this feature/bug to be more like the cortex system. You can use motor commands in pre-auto but they will not do anything when disabled. Also commands setting stopping mode, velocity, and position will still execute during pre-auto.

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yes, we changed that for vexos 1.0.12. This is one of the reasons we do not support downgrading firmware and the game manual rule R22b says.

b. Teams must use the latest official VEXos firmware updates, found at Custom firmware modifications are not permitted.