Concerns on Late Entries

It has been brought to my attention that there are some concerns over perceived late entries when this is not allowed in the rules of Online Challenges. If this concerns you, please read:

What folks monitoring the Online Challenges site cannot see, other than the time stamp on the perceived “late entry,” is the background of the “why.” For example: on one of the entries I helped correct this week, the team actually emailed the wrong address with their issue BEFORE the deadline on Jan 10 (they emailed events@ instead of support@). When the email finally found its way over to me days later, I was able to help them fix their entry because they actually did submit the problem before the deadline; and if it would’ve reached me when they originally submitted, I would’ve been able to help them get it in within the time limit. So therefore, it was a valid entry. I will not penalize a team because our system failed them. Fair is fair, even though it may appear not fair since all that shows on the site is the time stamp of when the “final” entry was submitted.

Please be courteous to teams who appear to have “late” entries, as they may not truly be late at all. Do not judge without knowing the background of the situation.

Thanks so much, and we wish the best of luck and skill to all entrants this season!

Also realize that adding URLs or instructions to the judges in the “Comments” section of Online Challenge entries does not qualify as an addition or a change to that entry. Most judges will not even read the Comments section on any entry, as that is not the purpose of this field. The Comments section is open at all times just like social media, for peers and anyone with an Online Challenges account to comment on entries and give entrants positive feedback and constructive criticism, and to encourage each other.

Teams cannot make changes or additions to entries after the closing date and time on January 10, 2018, as the system is locked.