Cone Height?

How tall (in cones stacked on a mobile goal) is 52 inches? And what is the conversion factor that I can use to find other measurements?

This should help

For the items like this, usually y=mx+b is a really useful tool.
For the mobile goal:
The height of the cone is 6.82 inches + height from the floor to the bottom of a first cone added is 4.80 - 2.75(By subtracting by 2.75, we can get the height base since the height increase of the first cone added is not the same as the second cone added), we get the height of the mobile goal according to the specs), and we should get 8.87(It’s not the height of the mobile goal when no cone is added, it’s used for a proper base). 8.87 is the b value.
The m value is the distance when each cone is added, which is 2.75.
We should get y = 2.75x + 8.87, in which y is the height of the stack in inches, and x is the amount of cones.
**So, when you plug in 52 as y, you get 15.6 cones, or apprx 16 cones.**EDITED
(Btw this is a really useful formula for anyone wanting to autostack :wink: )
Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

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Someone did the math. Here is a handy chart

I am completely sorry, but after reading that my calculations didn’t actually correspond to the chart. I realized I forgot to subtract the b value by 2.75 to remove the first extra height as if no cone is added so you can add the mx value.
@20rzaugg please make sure that you acknowledge this change, my apologies