Confusion over Submitting Skills- RVW Online Challenge

I know I am not the only one experiencing difficulties, due to this closely related forum thread, but I believe there is some confusion over submitting skills.

From the website containing the challenge from CS2N ( link ), the instructions for uploading your score are as follows:

I downloaded RVW just yesterday, and started to mess around with it today. I followed the steps, and coded a simple Programming Skills run that hit one of the bottom flags. However, for both Programming Skills and Driver Skills, I get the scorecard attached. There is a “Continue” button and a “Main Menu” button, but no “Upload” button.

Looking further down the line, I looked at the overview of the challenge from the CS2N website, and directly from the website, the website states that “Score submission is not currently open for this competition.” So, I am even more confused as to whether I can submit or not.

Can an official point me to what I am doing wrong, or if I should be asking this question on a different forum?

This forum is for rules clarification. Please try contacting for technical support.