Controller LEDS

The lights on my controller signal that they are fully charged but when I plug into the completion board it says the robot is on red for the whole match not just when were disabled. Does any know why this is happening? Thanks in advance

Yeah, you need to plug in the backup 9v battery. When you’re plugged into the competition switch without it, the robot will always display as having low battery.

But Our Backup Battery Is Plugged In And Is Charged

Ours has done the same thing, with backup battery plugged in. Every tournament we go to, it does the same thing. We just learned to deal with it, because we don’t know why it does it, or how to fix it. Sorry, wish I could help more, but that’s all I know.

Same here. We had a red light on the controller for backup battery, but we had just put in a new one the night before.

Not to seem redundant but ours does the same thing. An interesting thing I saw though, at one competition, I had it and the person next to me (plugged into the same tower) did not have it. They had all green. I was wondering if it could be something with the programming versions that we use?

The new master firmware version (V4.0) has changed led operation a little, what firmware are you on?

How would I check this? I know we use EasyC V4 but I heard from a teammate we use an outdated version of programming stuff. I’m not sure though.

The EasyC download window shows the master firmware version. You can press the “VEX system info” button if it does not show automatically. I would not upgrade to V4.0 just yet unless you have the VEXnet 2.0 keys. Master firmware comes from VEX (or rather IFI) not from the EasyC authors and is different from the EasyC version.

OK I will check next time I have the computer. Have you purchased any of the 2.0 keys? And OK I figured they were different but was not sure.

Is there a new light pattern sheet published some place?

Not that I know of, I also suspect the patterns may change with the next release. Most are the same, I notice differences with the backup battery indication.