Converting Electronic Notebooks to Written and Bound Books

I would like to ask you what the status is of the Electronic Design Book for the 2019-2020 seasons.

Our teams trialled the Google Doc Design books last season and started with them this season

According to the rubric Electronic Design books are:

  • excluded from 5 points for Notebook Construction
  • excluded from 4-5 points for Record of team and project management , since they are not written in ink

My question is:
Are teams that decided to convert their Electronic Notebooks after the new Judges Guide/ Design Award Rubric was published on 16 August 2019, eligible for full marks in the design award rubric, with reference to the topics above? By printing out their electronic notes and sticking them into their bound notebooks, followed by hand written notes in ink?

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We have an electronic notebook as well, we have long pages of text so hopefully we won’t need to re write them…

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To get the bound notebook bonus - you must have a hardcopy notebook that is bound.

You may glue/paste Onto the bound notebooks printer material, such as graphs or photos. You are recommended to sign and date along the board of photos or graphics to identify who added and when added to notebook.

Electronic versions of notebooks are not considered this season.

Why not?

Is RECF trying to prepare us to live after Zombie Apocalypse when internet no longer exists?


Several reasons, exhaustively covered in other threads, such as this one.

The biggest is Judge’s access to the electronic documents. They are volunteers, so we can not have them be responsible for team equipment. Then the other problem is what format? Cloud based? What about sites that do not give public access to their wifi?

There are a myriad of other reasons that make it a complex issue. My understanding is the RECF is looking to support some electronic documentation, but which season is not specified.

For the time being, hard copy documentation is well understood.