Cords coming unplugged.Is there anything FVC legal I can use to hold them together?

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Which cords?

If you are talking about PWM cables there is a Chief Delphi thread about this topic that offers good advice.

Weโ€™ve found that zip tieing them tightly close to the connection helps hold them in. Itโ€™s harder to pull out all of them than just one.

Zip tie them in a few places, zip tie them around the microcontroller if you have to.

what we did, although it makes the connection between pwm and pwm extension semi-permanent, we took a ziptie, slid it through two of the three pwm wires, then made it go around the connection, and slid it two of the three pwm extensionโ€™s wires, then ziptied it closed
hopefully i can get a picture up after our team returns from the Peachtree Regional