Corona Virus's play into the Worlds Competition

6 people have died in washington…

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What are you talking about? 13 people have been diagnosed, 2 people have died, and one has recovered.

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Wait im stupid, nvm. They just announced 6 deaths. Ahhhh I live in king county.

Wrong. There are now 6 total US deaths.

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I meant 6 total sorry

with cases going up rapidly in the US, especially in washington, and to a lesser extent oregon and California, as well as a new case in new york city, the chance of an outbreak is very high. in fact, minor outbreaks could already be happening undetected. see this NYtimes article
“a genetic analysis of the virus in Washington State, where the deaths occurred, suggested that the illness could have been spreading within the community for as long as six weeks before the first case was detected.”
hosting worlds will be a huge risk for recf, as well as the government. even in current conditions, hosting worlds would possibly be too risky. say a student on a team in washington who has the virus, but hasn’t actually gotten sick yet, goes to worlds. suddenly, thousands of people are exposed to the virus. recf would get the blame for allowing the virus to spread to students across the world. but tbh, I expect the final decision will be out of recf’s hands. the state of kentucky itself might not want large scale gatherings like worlds happening right now. I certainly hope things turn around, but to be quite frank I don’t see it happening. Lets calmly wait for the recfs position in this unfortunate situation.


I honestly think they will cancel it because exposing thousands of kids to the virus does not sound like something recf would want to do.

Also lets say worlds does get canceled, will teams get their money back? How would the game be revealed? Also this being the last year of it being hosted in louisville will they hold next years worlds there on more time?

If it is canceled the chances of it being held at the KEC again would be very low. They would most likely go ahead and hold it at Dallas.

On another note, it’s not just thousands of students that would be at risk, it’s also hundreds of coaches, volunteers, visitors, Kentuckians, + all of those who visit the KEC after worlds. It would make complete sense for them to cancel world’s this year. Which is unfortunate, but when you see all of those who would be at risk it would be a reasonable decision.

We’ll have to wait and see. Let’s be patient.


Again, for the third time, can you just wait a little bit for Dan to get back. I’m sure that he will give us all the details.

And for people that want to follow along and just get the numbers, I suggest reading the daily version from WHO (

Chill out some roboteers.


Another good tracker is the John Hopkin one.


Of course I think we are being manipulated. If its true that WHO is working with Google to control the narrative, who knows who else is, and what their motivations may be. Personally I think there political motivations involved as well. I’m not saying that this isn’t something serious, it is. Peoples lives are being affected globally and obviously its impacting peoples plans and education here in our organization. However there are far more things that impact human life that don’t get attention. What we have here is a big unknown, where something like the flu, which is known how to handle, has already impacted 32 million and caused 18,000 deaths in the US alone, according to CDC estimates for the 2019-2020 season.

How this all plays out in terms of health… globally… I don’t know. I’m sure we are being manipulated though.


yes the media storys compared to what is relesed by the cdc is much different I would agree with you.

Once again, @DRow, @jpearman, @Karthik, or @DanMantz could one of you close this thread until further notice? It’s not helping.


I agree with what you’re saying and thought that the statement I posted kind of supported this re infodemic. The local media here are running photos of empty shelves in supermarkets with lists of what to buy like the world is going to end. But as a poster above mentioned, for now I think all we can do it wait, and continue planning as if it is full steam ahead.

Just to show what is actualy happening

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Im sure another would be created

Do you really think worlds could be cancelled completely?


If it poses that big of a threat it very well could in my mind

Let’s just wait patiently and stop speculating. It is causing more worry than is actually the case. I trust the RECF to make the right decision for the health of everyone. The announcement will be released in a couple weeks, and we shouldn’t worry, because no matter what happens, the RECF will accommodate for it.