Corona Virus's play into the Worlds Competition

I’m an EP in CA- I promise that the Worlds spots we have now are the same as what was allocated at the beginning of the season. CA was given several more Worlds spots this year than last year because the number of registered teams increased. You will also notice that while semifinalists now qualify, some of the judged awards that got a spot last year (ie Amaze) no longer do. This is all totally unrelated to the China situation.


Maybe it is because they moved all teams to one division?
I’m not so sure, it’s just that I’ve heard the same thing happening in texas

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I’m sure this has been asked a few times already but does anyone know when the REC will provide an official statement on whether or not teams from Asia will still be able to attend Worlds?

The lack of information is making my team very nervous because we are in Hong Kong where the situation seems to be better (both in terms of infected cases here and travel restrictions imposed on us by other countries). There are currently no US travel restrictions against places like Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, yet it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to book flights as airlines are cancelling them due to demand. Without information regarding whether Worlds will restrict attendance, we don’t know whether to rebook flights (which we need to do soon or it will become very expensive) or to cancel.




To add on to all these valid points…

it will be great if REC can also tell us what are some of the health precautions that will be in place as well.
Even simple things like temperature check, declaration of travel history, etc will be good.

We will need all the bullets that we can gather to get approval for any overseas school trips, which by the way, the Ministry of Education in Singapore has recently put a blanket suspension of all overseas school trips.


Thank you for tagging me. We are very aware there is considerable international media coverage on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

We are also aware the Center for Disease Control has identified this virus as a “very serious public health threat,” but the CDC cautions that the immediate risk to the American public remains low at this time. The REC Foundation is keeping informed on this matter through regular contact with the CDC.

The REC Foundation is working with local and state authorities regarding an Action Plan for the VEX Robotics World Championship and will continue to monitor the situation as we have with similar issues in the past.

Regarding VEX Worlds, we anticipate several international teams may not be able to attend due to travel restrictions. We have plans in place to allow teams to fill spots that may become available as a result of travel restrictions. While we have contingency plans, we are not releasing them at this time: In order to be as fair as possible, we are waiting to understand when travel restrictions will be lifted and airlines will resume flight services in China and other Asian countries.

We anticipate moving forward with a decision and contingency plans no later than the second week of March. This will still allow us time to invite teams from the Skills list and the Wait list depending on how many additional spots there are.

Best Regards,

CEO - REC Foundation


Hello Mr. Mantz,

Thank you so much for the update. We definitely understand that the RECF must be working hard to ensure a safe environment for all teams at VEX Worlds and it isn’t an easy or simple task. Releasing the contingency plan in early March would be extremely useful for a lot of teams, including ours, to move ahead with planning. Hopefully everything works out!



From what I’ve heard, Meng is in Singapore, so they probably don’t have the same issue :confused:

Now things are changing fast and getting interesting…

Guess soon, it might become a legit question of whether are we still going to have worlds? Especially if more states in USA start declaring state of emergency ?


its just time. there are scientist and doctors working on a cure so yes it is scary, but keep your hopes up. VEX will never put any of us in danger. remember that


Vaccine will not hit the market on time for worlds.

And yes… i am looking at the time and extrapolating.
It might end up worlds will be at the peak of covid-19 in USA.

Of course i am still hoping that worlds will not be affected and we are not banned from overseas travel during that period.


Yeah. We just have to wait and see.

I’ve been saying that there is a much larger change than people realize that there might not be worlds. I would hate to see this happen, but if it is breaking out in the US my team probably won’t go, even though we are a US team close to worlds.

The flu is far more deadly and contagious. Why don’t we shut down worlds every year due to influenza?

/s if you couldn’t tell

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Happy Large Cake Day

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  1. People fully understand the flu and know the best ways to prevent it.
  2. The Corona Virus is more contagious in certain ways. It can last on a surface tor 10 minutes that the flu would last only a couple.
  3. We have the flu vaccine and medicines such as Tamiflu.

He was joking my guy :slight_smile: /s means sarcasm


If Worlds was cancelled, I’d expect sporting events, conferences, and other large gatherings of people to be cancelled. I have not seen widespread cancellations of these activities. So I’m not sure what makes Worlds so unique that it would need to be cancelled.

  1. Sporting events and conferences are being cancelled. There have been some pretty high-profile cancellations of major conferences (Facebook conference, Mobile World Congress, Cisco Live, Swatch summit, etc.). A number of sports events have been cancelled. Even the Olympics have said they may be cancelled.

  2. Bigger concern - school districts and school boards might prevent team travel “just to be safe”. Unfortunately, it’s an easy decision for administrators - they would not want to be blamed for sending students to a big event and having them get sick. If enough schools pull out, then it may become unrealistic to go ahead with the event.


Wow. I didn’t know that. Well, in that case, I take back what I said!

Editted: Since I was obviously ignorant when I made my previous post, I did a quick internet search regarding conference and sports cancellations due to the virus. It does look like more cancellations are outside the US. Although, notably, one in San Francisco was cancelled.

Well, I’ll leave it to people that know much more about this stuff to make the ultimate decision.