Cortex stuck in bootloader mode

I was updating our cortices to VEXnet V 4.1.7 using the Utility downloaded from the VEX site. Our first cortex and joystick had no problem when I did it yesterday and then went through the PDF to set up the Windows 8 to accept the Keys to check them, but today, when I tried upgrading our other cortices, it said I needed to upgrade the bootloader from V6 (which it did for the one yesterday too). When I hit the button, the computer stopped talking to the cortex and the cortex had a slow blinking green light for “robot.” I thought it was just this cortex, because the cortex is a old cortex that hardly works, but then it did it with the next cortex I tried. When I researched the light code it said that it is the bootloader mode code.

Is there any help you could give me on how to resolve this problem and get the cortex working again? Any extra information would be helpful.

The VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller (Microcontroller) has a CONFIG button on the back near the Backup Battery input.

Follow Option 2 on page 4 of the “VEXnet Firmware Upgrade Utility Instructions Rev 4.pdf”. Summarizing: with the Microcontroller powered off, push and hold the CONFIG button. Attach the USB A-A cable between the PC and the Microcontroller. Release the CONFIG button. Click the DOWNLOAD button.

If this does not work, the driver may be confused, try rebooting the PC.

Only the Master Code and Default Code are upgraded by the VEXnet Firmware Update Utility. If you want the BootLoad code in Microcontrollers or Joysticks updated to version 8, e-mail