Costco - VEX Robotics STEM construction kit 3 Pack

At my local store they were $35 with a $5 instant rebate = $30. I bought the limit of 5 to give out to my teams.

This is one of the best use these for parts collections that I’ve purchased at this price.

Lots of parts that we all need, but also 4 of the shocks, 6 colored leg, the famous 2x6 part with the 60 degree bend in the middle, etc.


This forum is for the vex robotics competition, not the products vex sells.


So this is the VEX IQ product thread. And a metric ton of the “hexbug” products are VEX IQ compatible. These products have parts that you go “Wow, I’ve been looking for this”. Want to boggle roboteers? Dump the contents of some of the kits out and they go “I want that to be mine Mr Foster”

I’ll grant some is “zazzle” like the green translucent plastic “cat ears”. But most are “that makes my life easy”. The Advanced connector kit has a medley of connectors that were only in Hexbug kits. But lots of them are still inHexbug kits. This kit has a ton of odd length parts, sometimes you need an 8 but wow the 2x7 is just what I want.

The universe of parts is much bigger than you think, grab what you can. We are constrained by “legal parts” since we can’t cut/melt/weld/change parts. So these little things make easy happen.


These are VEX IQ legal parts and the VEX Retail kits are discussed here periodically.

Especially because these kits often include new parts that aren’t in add-on kits.
These kits specifically include new parts like the 228-2500-178: 90 degree corner connector
Or a smaller ratchet than we added last year:

This kits are all designed by the same engineers that design the rest of the VEX IQ parts and games. We encourage creative use of all the new parts.

Also as a side note, please don’t try to enforce your own rules on this forum. Especially when someone is trying to be helpful and educate people about new stuff.


That’s cool I didn’t know vex sold other kits of legal competition parts


Here’s the link to the legal parts list… you’ll see that many parts are from the hexbug line:


Be right back, going to start a new team and make a robot entirely out of motors, left minifigure legs, and #32 rubber bands


You can’t forget these essential parts
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