Could foreign teams competing in US?

Hi you guy,
We are a team of VEX(VRC) in China.
We’ve built a great robot which could get a ranking of top 10 in programming skill challenge and also have good performance in alliance competition. But our robot got physically damaged during the flight to Aisa-Pacific Championship.
Now we are seeking an opportunity to get another chance to compete in US. We are quite confidence that we have a great chance to go to the World Championship.
We just wonder if there’s any limitation for a foreign team competing is US.
We really need some help!
THank you very much!


Thanks for your question. Teams that are registered and paid in the VEX Robotics Competition are normally allowed to compete in areas outside of their immediate geography. Teams are not permitted to qualify for another state/province/national championship, however they are allowed to compete and post skills challenge scores. In this case, your team could compete in an event in the United States, but would be ineligible to qualify for additional events based on your performance. Any skills challenge scores that are earned at this event will be posted in the global skills rankings. I would recommend contacting the event partner directly to discuss your attendance at the event prior to registering. I hope that this answers your question, good luck this season.


Thanks for your answer!
I already sent several emails to them and till now, no response…
Do you have any of there contact info which I could try again?

Thank you very much!