Counter-Weight Ideas

We need to build a counterweight for our robot, anyone have any ideas/suggestions? Any help is appreciated.

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I recommended finding a better solution than counter weight but if you really need it, the most dense vex parts are the high strength axles, box 2 c channels and fill em with the axles and you have your counterweight.


Axles; as the driver of a 17lb 13.6 oz bot, they are so helpful

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@Loco_25146A is correct, ballast or counterweights are never your best choice. There are lots of ways to try first. Is your battery at the lowest level, etc. Wheel base? Wheel Length? Flip out wheels?


The issue occurs when we have a goal clamped on only one side of the robot. The weight of the goal causes the robot to tip forward or backward if we stop moving at a fast speed. We have a 17 " drive base with 6 4" omni wheels. So we weren’t really sure what else to do.

you can have stabilizer wheels that pop out at the beginning of the match (this might make it hard to balance on the platform, but is a quick solution if it is too much of a problem)


I would just try to make the center of gravity lower, it does help with stability tremendously (we have a very fast robot but it rarely tips even when the robot goes from 100 > 0 instantly). We have the air tanks as low as possible, the battery and brain both on the lower side of the bot. It really stabilizes it well and this would make your bot not require any counter weights.


Did you get your robot fixed? What was your solution that you implemented?

Yes, we did fix the problem. We just made the center of mass lower which helped a lot.