COVID-19 affecting Worlds

Hey guys, what are the chances worlds gets cancelled by the coronavirus or at least postponed. What will be the ramifications? How will they release the next game and what will happen to the teams that did qualify for worlds? What are peoples plans till then?

I understand that the coronavirus is a very infectious virus and there is a high risk of people being infected by travelling and many teams might not be able to go to worlds due to school and family restrictions. Lastly, I wonder what approach Vex is considering and what the possibilities of skipping worlds and going to the next game are? Thank you ahead of time.

Please I ask, please, use the search function. This thread has been asked about 15 times per day for the last week. Mr. Mantz will let us know in the next week.

I can count about a dozen times there has been a new thread bout coronavirus and worlds. @DRow pkease do something bout this thread maybe merge it