CREATE US Open Ban Due to COVID-19

So, an official statement made by the CREATE organisation earlier today confirms that only Canadian and US teams will be allowed to compete in the US open.

Anybody wanna talk about it?

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Can you share a link to the statement? I still see the original one on robotevents (banning China, Hong Kong and a few others).


It was sent by email. The Main Notice is the same as what is found on RobotEvents, but the email includes an additional few paragraphs.


It is with great sadness that we send this special update regarding the U.S. Open Robotics Championship and the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. The following is CREATE’s official position:

NOTICE: "Due to the potential safety risk of those traveling from China, and for the safety of all attending, the CREATE U.S. Open Robotics Championship scheduled from March 30th through April 4th, 2020, CREATE leadership, including the CREATE Board of Directors, have determined the best course of action is to restrict all Chinese teams from attending this year. This restriction includes mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

This is such an unfortunate and unique circumstance that we find out selves in. Our thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to all of our Chinese friends and teams. It is our hope that this issue is resolved soon. However, as the situation has evolved other countries have now seen significant spread of the virus. At this point all IQ and VRC tournaments have filled and the only teams registered are from the U.S. and Canada. Therefore expanding restrictions to other countries is not needed.


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So I have a two questions because of this:

  1. Since only Canada and US is going, is this going their going to be a less competitive environment?

  2. Do you think this might effect future events, like 2020 Worlds for example?

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That’s not what it appears that they said. It appears that they said that once teams from the banned countries were removed from the list of registered teams only US and Canada teams remained. That’s a little different.


But so far it’s the only teams registered. It’s likely to stay that way, or another country might be added.

Unless they change the program, its mentioned in their official statement that all IQ and VRC tournaments have been filled, and the only locations that will be represented will be US and Canada. This looks to be a large event of North American teams only.

Will more spots be opening up because of this ban?

It’s a possibility. Although I’m not sure if they’ll do any more invitations since regular season is ending.

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Hello, My team is from New York and we are currently in a state of emergency due to the corona virus. Will vex also place limits on those attending from places that are affected.

Only time will tell


I’ve got a more general question. Why does the U.S. Open regularly contain Chinese teams?

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Because you can qualify from any country, not just the U.S.

Its kinda the opposite of the World Series :joy:

It’s an Open (Invitational) held is the US. Unfortunately CREATE was not super creative with their naming and it creates some confusion. It regularly gets referred to as the US Nationals even though it has no path from it to Worlds. Something like “Bots in the Bluffs” would be better, IMHO. :smiley:


I like the sound of Bots in the Bluff.